The Church of Inner Space is about claiming your only responsibility. Awareness. Your own awareness is the only thing that really matters.

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To understand why, it’s necessary to understand how your awareness is linked to the primary creative force in the universe, the universal field.

The universal field is everywhere. It extends throughout everything in the universe. It is the substance of all matter, and of all consciousness, including yours.

Some contemporary researchers call this universal field the “source field” and even Einstein hinted at its existence.

The universal field is an energy field. Of consciousness. It is the blueprint for the existence of light, atoms, stars and galaxies. It creates the spark of life. In the human body it can cure or create disease. We use it to interact with other people, non-verbally, through our emotions. And ultimately this energy field is what we call ‘spirit’.

Modern western-thinking, based on the materialist view that everything in existence is observable through our five physical senses, is reluctant to acknowledge this energy field, because the field isn’t purely physical and the materialist view does not like something that cannot be reduced physicality.

However, the father of western philosophy, René Descartes, observed in the 1600’s that there are two types of substances in the universe. Physical substances and mental substances. A mental substance, he said, is anything that is not physical, something that cannot be touched, seen or otherwise observed with our five senses.

Thoughts are an obvious example of mental substances.

Descartes identified mental and physical substances as the only two fundamental substances in the universe. Everything in existence, he said, could be placed into either one of those two categories. But nothing could be placed into both categories. He insisted that these two substances are categorically different. This philosophical position is known as Dualism.

“But hasn’t modern science illustrated that thoughts are purely physical, chemical reactions in the brain? Doesn’t this disprove Dualism?”

Well, as it turns out, very little of what we call physical reality is physical at all.

Descartes couldn’t have known this at the time, but western science has discovered its own mistake in assuming a materialist world view.

Physical matter is almost entirely an optical illusion.

In the course of the 20th century the study of quantum mechanics brought us the discovery that the physical universe is made up of atoms and that atoms are in fact 99.999…% ‘empty space‘…

As Niels Bohr, a founding father of this model, said:

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real (physical) is made of things that cannot be regarded as real (physical)

Descartes’ insistence that physical and mental substances are categorically different seems, then, somewhat excessive.

In essence there is only one substance in the universe. And it’s consciousness.

For the sake of convenience we could still talk about mental and physical substances, to differentiate between an apple and the thought of an apple. But this approach is only relevant from our limited perspective.

In reality, the apple and the thought of the apple are almost completely interchangeable. On a quantum level, the thought of the object and the object itself is essentially made of the same stuff, as physical matter is less than 0,001% physical.

And that’s what the universal field is. The source field is the vast ’empty space’ that exists within everything. Except it isn’t just empty space. It’s consciousness.

Even modern astronomy now openly admits that only a small percentage of the observable universe consist of what we would call ordinary physical matter. The rest, which represents the vast majority of the total mass–energy of the known universe, consist of what is termed ‘dark‘ matter-energy.

And the only reason it’s called ‘dark’ matter-energy is because we cannot actually see it. Or measure it directly.

We cannot view it through a electron microscope or radio telescope. And we cannot capture it in a bottle and put it on display. Scientist only know that it’s there because they can measure it’s effect on the surrounding ordinary matter.

What modern science does not yet openly admit, but will soon have to, is the fact that the universe is in essence one very big thought. The source field is consciousness.

Experiments like the water crystal photographs taken by the late Dr. Maseru Emoto, prove that thoughts influence physical matter. And the placebo effect is proven again and again in hospitals all around the world every day.

However, the reality of the universal field itself, the source field, remains mysterious because we have no way of capturing the field and presenting it as physical evidence.

All we can do with our instruments is to look for the observable effects of this field on surrounding matter.

But the field itself remains ‘dark‘, so to speak…

Until we close our eyes in meditation. Or silent prayer. That’s where we’ll finally experience it.

It’s a choice.

Do we continue to project ourselves externally?

Or do we claim our awareness, internally, as our own sacred space?

For it is only within that sacred inner space, calm and present, that we find our connection to the universal field. That intelligence that some people call God.

There is nothing that is more important than that connection to universal consciousness.

For if, and only if we cleanse our inner space and resolve the conflict within ourselves, will we have any positive effect on the outside world.

The universal field, the substance of our own awareness, is the substance of everything else.

What we see as physical reality merely reflects what is happening in the universal field, which again reflects what’s happening in our collective awareness. And, for as long as we’re collectively disturbed, within ourselves, the physical world will reflect exactly that.

To solve anything we must start with ourselves. We must literally start within ourselves. Therein lies the origin and solution to all our problems.

Our awareness is our primary responsibility.

That awareness is The Church of Inner Space.