The Author

My name is Hermann Vivier. I was raised by the ocean and I spent several years traveling and living abroad from a young age. I was searching. And I still am.


My life’s purpose is personal discovery and empowerment. I’ve made this purpose my work by co-founding a surf travel business, Unravel Surf Traveland a social-development non-profit organization, The Surfer Kids.

I started traveling at an early age by enrolling in a high-school exchange program at the age of 15, attending high-school, working and studying abroad for several years, eventually returning to Cape Town, South Africa to finish an undergraduate degree in Literature and Philosophy.

It was during my time at University that I had an enlightening encounter with psychological therapy.

I spent six months with a therapist who helped me, first to see, and later to understand the patterns of my subconscious.

That was when life began unraveling itself.

Up until that point it felt as if I had simply been holding on, knowing I didn’t want to fall off, but also not really knowing where I was going. Life and the experience of being alive never made much sense.

But occurrences began revealing themselves as being a part of a greater narrative.

A narrative that I soon realized was much greater than myself.

But it took several years more before I would even begin to understand just how much greater that narrative really was.

That was more than ten years ago and many things have happened since then.

I married my life partner. I practiced Yoga. I developed a daily meditation practice. I became a father.

And I admitted to being an addict, which involved doing two things:

First, understanding that the real problem was a spiritual disconnection from Life that would drive me toward seeking escape, unless I could find a way to reconnect with the greater reality within and around me.

Second, making a commitment toward living a clean life, so that I could pursue that reconnection, unhindered by distraction of futile escape.

Somewhere in between I also started drifting, from being a staunch atheist toward being something else.

I believe in a higher power. But that belief is constantly being developed, refined, redefined and rediscovered.


My belief is a continual work in progress and it’ll probably never be complete.

In fact, I willingly choose to deny it’s completeness.

How could I ever have a complete belief if I’m but a speck in an infinite universe?

And to a certain extent that’s what this blog is all about: this is an exploration of my constantly evolving Church of Inner Space.